Iranian NGOs : Women's Rights Ignored by the West


Tehran, March 9, (Rajanews) - 40 Iranian NGOs, active in defense of women's rights, in a statement released on the occasion of March 8th(International Women’s Day), criticized the West for not respecting women's right. The statement includes serious questions about the West claims in defense of women.
Every year, March 8th is a day for meetings, conferences, lectures or demonstrations in the name of women all around the world, during which problems of women are raised and solutions are sought. This can be very fruitful and beneficiary by itself and can show many
insufficiencies for women, but what curbs or even deviates any achievements in this field is displacement of defiant and compliant in case of duties and rights of women.
States and organizations in west who are said to be defenders of women rights, are totally at service of political interests of westernpowers and have created a dusty atmosphere through selective accusations to make it very difficult to distinguish the oppressed of oppressor; finding the roots of vacancies have changed into a mere wish.
The other end of this excess is negative background of their approach toward women and human rights. From injustices of Medieval and Renaissance eras to nowadays when modern oppression against rights of women under the pretext of Feminism and its teachings have been so much that even American and British officials reacted to it.
The question is that on the basis of which reasons do these bodies consider themselves as the exclusive grantee to talk on behalf of women?! How can a country like Britain who has granted its women economy majority in 1882 defend women rights? How is that France who gave its women right to vote in 1944 after three times rejection, dares to call Islam as oppressing women; while Islam has granted women
all social and legal rights since more than 1400 years ago? How dares France to accuse Islamic Republic of Iran, while women have been able to vote since the beginning of revolution, but it took about 155 years since revolution to let women vote? Can it be anything rather than an evidence of terrible conditions of women in west when we read books by thinkers such as Wendy Shalit, William Gardner, Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Nicholas Davidson, etc.?
 However, a brilliant evidence for politically motivated double standards in women issues is the United States who is not a signatory of 1979 Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), yet puts pressure on some and not all countries to accept this convention totally and without any reservation.
The question is that how countries and organizations who claim women rights, accuse Islamic republic of Iran of oppressing women, but they remain silent about oppressions in countries in alliance with the West? Aren't they informed of horrible conditions for girls and women in Afghanistan, or in Gaza under siege? Can't they see how women are killed, oppressed and tortured in Mideast Arab states such as Yemen, Libya, Tunisia, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, etc.? what is the truth behind their silence against all oppressions?
 Many liberal people know that all these gestures by western countries are not for women as they are, but for political reasons and interests to put pressure on independent countries who are not in line with their hegemonic policies.
 Finally, it is important to say that oppression against freedoms and basic human rights for women in western countries that are delivered through various forms such as feminism, or full support of puppet dictators among oppressed nations in the region, can be finished when March 8th be truly dedicated to women, their rights and their demands!
Looking forward to witnessing that day...
March 8th, 2011
NGOs on Family and Women in Islamic Republic of Iran
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